Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday: Rest Day

It is finally Friday and I have 4 good days of running behind me. This rest day has been great. I got off work around 5pm and headed straight for the couch. I don't spend much time there but it felt good to lay down and relax for about an hour. Then it was feeding time and I took down a huge serving of Angel Hair Pesto Pasta and some French Bread. The only thing that would have made that meal better was a large glass of ice cold milk but the expiration date was three days ago and I didn't feel like chewing my drink.

Tomorrow will be the first real long run I have done in a while. It really isn't that far of a distance and I have put my legs through hours of cycling from Houston to Austin without much training. I'm not too worried about it. I just need to get my mind wrapped around 1hour 40minutes worth of running. The news reported it might rain tomorrow. I need some inspiration...

There is no such thing as bad weather... just soft people.
~ Bill Bowerman

Bring it on rain!

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  Sunday run in the rain.