Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday: Long Run

This morning came on my pretty quick and I ate a couple of pickle slices and had about a cup of water before heading out. I've found the sodium kick of the pickle not only helps with the sodium loss but somehow it settles my stomach so I don't really need to eat anything before the run.

Run Summary: The picture says it all -->
I got out on the run by about 6:15am. It was dark, warm, and my legs felt a little stiff but after the first mile I was good to go. It was great to see all the marathon runners in training. That added a little spring in my stride, but I kept my focus on 8 minute pace.

The route was long and winding because I wasn't really sure how far out I was going to go. I knew I wanted to run about 1:40 so I set my watch timer to 50 minutes and let it go off twice. It is a great motivational tool when you run 50 minutes away from home and then realize you must run 50 minutes back. I will keep that same concept for my next run because it really seemed to work well for me.

I finished the run pretty strong and stopped by the store for a Gatorade to drink during the last few miles. That probably saved any bonking. I lost a lot of water weight and I will be taking in as much fluids as possible today. LSU plays this afternoon. I should get some rehydration out of a few pints. Besides, tomorrow is a rest day. Ahhh, rest.

Go Tigers!

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