Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The 2006 Heights 5k

Race: Heights 5k
Date: 2006
Weather: Hot

Race Summary:
You ever have one of those race days when you can do no wrong. When you know the miles you've ran during your training, the nutritional advice you have taken from your friends, and the psychological conditioning you have undergone all come together to form some sort of perfect world where the water tastes like wine?

Well, this was not one of those days. Instead it was like all of those things I thought I had done correctly came back to haunt me as some sort of evil genius plot to destroy what would have been an otherwise enjoyable Sunday 5k.

My plan was to run 18:00 or better. Sadly this turned into something closer to 6:30 per mile with the first mile being 5:45 and the last being... well something much worse.

I'm turning over a new leaf after this race result. I am going to train for the Austin Marathon and qualify for Boston. 26.2 miles at that pace will be much easier than trying to maintain 5:45 for 3.1.

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  Sunday run in the rain.