Tuesday, December 26, 2006

America's Triathlon

Race: America's Triathlon
Location: Austin, TX
Date: Memorial Day Weekend, 2006
Weather: HOT

Race Summary:
This was one of those races you replay in your mind but what you really wish you had was a delete button so you wouldn't have to think of it ever again. Here's the story...

I had not been training too consistantly which for me means I'm willing to race whatever distance you put in front of me as long as the race director is prepared for any meltdowns/explosions might occur. This race was a pretty big race so I was confident if I was going to bonk there would be plenty of witnesses to tell my family I went out with a bang.

That morning I woke up to a nice glass of V8 along with a Powerbar. I didn't realize at the time this combination of carbs and sodium are similar to Pop Rocks and Strawberry Soda.

Once the race got underway, I noticed I felt great on the swim. I was out of the water in my average time and on the bike with time to spare. Unfortuneately I used that time to take in some calories in the form of some expired Carboom. This is when the fuse was lit.

As I headed off into the first mile of the run, I was cruising at 6:30 per mile pace when that carb and sodium combination began to churn. I ended up hurling the contents of the calories I was able to get down during the bike. This was in front of a few lucky onlookers. The screams only encouraged me to run harder, which looking back didn't make much sense.

As I headed into my third mile the expired Carboom took its toll on what was left in my stomach. I tossed a few more "cookies" on the side of the road and then had visions of bright lights and felt cool breezes.

Visions and hallucinations are only good in Indian Sweat Lodges and bad 60's Trips revisited. I would have kept going had I not felt the urge for a warm blanket. The very thought of finding pleasure in something warm on that HOT day set off an alarm in my subconscious I didn't think I had... (see the following pic)...

This is not a good look. Normally I'll try to at least smile for the camera during a race. You know how it is. However at this point I was just about ready to throw in the towel when a couple of A&M Corps guys pulled me into the medical tent.

Needless to say, I finished my race in the arms of a couple of our Country's finest. I can honestly say I wouldn't mind if that never happens to me again. Where's that delete button...

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