Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back out on the run

This morning I slept in after waking up and seeing another rain storm. That weather has had me sidelined. Not because I don't want to run in the rain but because I think getting out in the elements like that would bring back another week of a hacking cough and that is something I am not willing to risk at this point.

The goal now is just getting my legs moving with the least amount of discomfort and or damage to my upper respiratory system. So, this afternoon I got out and ran for about 15 minutes. My original plan was to run much longer than that, but I could feel my chest heaving and my heart rate monitor was giving me some funky read outs so I decided to turn around after the first mile and head back home.

I read some where that it takes about 2 weeks for every 1 week of time off from running to get back to form. Using that formula I will be building back up for the next 8 weeks. I can't have that. My goal will be to turn this around in 4.

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  Sunday run in the rain.