Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday - A Run in the Rain

Well, it happened again. Another great run planned and another thunderstorm in beautiful Houston, TX. Luckily, I was able to Google up a few inspiring quotes about athletes and rain. Here is the one from Lance Armstrong (you might have heard of him) that got me out the door:

"I like it when it rains on race day. I train for it, and prepare for it. If it rains on race day, I know 1/2 the riders hate riding in the rain. I know I've just beaten a lot of the field without turning a pedal." ~ Lance Armstrong
Okay, so I'm neither Lance Armstrong nor am I Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot and I'm probably not going to win the Austin Marathon but this quote got me out the door and into the rain and thats all the motivation I needed.

Run Summary
Overall, it felt good. The run started out with a little tightness in the hamstrings but after about the first mile I found my rhythm. The 8x1 minute repeats were great and gave me a little more power through the end of my run. I'm pretty sure I did over 7 miles on the run but I stopped to stretch before the repeats and I had to pause a few times to avoid traffic so any pace estimation would be sketchy at best.

Special thanks to DC Physics for the Running in the Rain graphic above. They offer a whole different persepective on if it is worth it to run in the rain.

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