Friday, February 9, 2007

Running East

I've been able to get out on the road a few times since my last post. The weather has been agreeable and my evenings have been spent running a few miles before it gets too dark as the days are getting longer.

I found a 4 week program that will put me on the bike about 5 days a week. My hope is that it will jump start me back to life after the lazy winter has sucked the speed from my legs. To add another complication to the path of speed recovery Jordan and I are going to be moving in 1 month 800 miles from home.

Yep. Headed East to see if we can get into something new. Me, a new position with my company. Her, a wide open employment market to run wild in. But the both of us will soon be sharing new experiences together which makes all of this one of the most exciting times in our lives.

No matter where work may take me, I can still lace up my shoes and go for a run.

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  Sunday run in the rain.