Monday, March 26, 2007

First day of the NEW plan

Easy Run
Dist: 4mi

So, I have been wrestling with a new running plan. I finally put one together last night. It's pretty generic but it should do the trick. My problem is all the hills around this town. They are everywhere and my legs can feel it. The good thing is that I know I am getting stronger. The bad thing is that I don't have a choice unless I go throw a few miles down on the treadmill but that's not going to happen. Not when I can walk out my front door, jog around a wildlife refuge, and enjoy some beautiful trails. Nope, not likely.

At any rate, I made it out on the first day of the plan. Four miles at an easy pace. Not a hard sell because these hills have done something wicked to my pace. Last Saturday I kept an even pace around 7 to 7:45 per mile. Today was a bit slower and I could feel those 7 miles still lingering in my legs. Or maybe it as the hill repeats I did on the bike. Either way, the legs are feeling sluggish but I'm loving the hell out of these miles.

The run felt good and I felt like I was keeping good form. Though the pace was slow I knew the miles were good for me. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workout. 4 more miles, but this time I might take it to the streets.

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