Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting back in gear

So, I decided to take another shot at finally getting into a rhythm. There seems to be 2 weeks in me and then... nothing. Well, maybe not "nothing" but definitely something different. I can run fast or slow... slow or fast... doesn't really matter. There just don't seem to be three weeks these days for me to stay on track.

Today I put 4 miles down and felt good about it. Just over 7 minute miles. Legs felt good. Pace was on. Lungs were solid.

I love running!

Total Miles: 4

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The 4 mile run

Today I put a few more miles on the concrete path. I headed out after work. The rain came through and finally quit leaving the weather humid, hot, and perfect. I ran out through the hilly neighborhood behind our apartments. The warm up was slow but the pace picked up to around seven minutes per mile. The legs felt good and strong and I took a few advil after stretching for good measure.

Total Miles: 4

Monday, April 2, 2007

Treadmilling at 10pm

I went and worked a Job Fair for my company today. That ended around 7pm and I didn't get home until around 10 after dinner. I felt like I needed to put about thirty minutes on my legs to salvage the 5 mile run I had planned so I got home, laced up my shoes, and took it to the treadmill at the apartment's gym.

It was a good run. Boring, but good. I focused on my form as much as possible as well as my turn over rate. I am still trying to keep the turn over around 180 steps per minute but I'm about 5 steps off on average.

I put a little over 4 miles, but I will round it down.

Total Miles: 4

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Rest Day

Today, I felt a little rough after our night out. Jordan and I made it to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and ended up at Chicago Pizza for a couple more beers last night. This morning was a bit cloudy and I was in desperate need for a couch. No run planned today... so no big loss.

Total miles: 0

  Sunday run in the rain.