Saturday, June 16, 2007

The long run is relative to who you ask...

As I get back into running, it is hard not to jump back in where I left off. So, the long run is not so long... but it feels long because I haven't done one in so long!

7 Miles is a good place to start. I imagine I'll be up to 10 or 11 in the next few weeks. I think that is all I will need since I'm focusing more on the shorter distances these days.

Today's run felt good. Felt a little tweak in the knee that was due to nothing more than my mind playing tricks on me coupled with the heat of the day. It was a solid run finished up with a couple of hills.

I'm happy with where my run form is right now. I am confident I will start to see some bigger gains over the next few weeks. Until then... I think I'll rest tomorrow instead of pushing it. Don't want to screw up a good thing!

Link to Route: Big Rock to Old Milton Parkway
Distance: 7 Miles
Elevation Gain: 600 Feet
Elevation Loss: 600 Feet

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