Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday: Easy Run... Fast

Felt good on the run today. It was something I haven't felt in a while so I thought I would pick up the pace. My first mile was just over 7 minutes and before I knew it I was at the u-turn of the route.

My legs felt strong but I felt a little tightness in the back left hamstring so I backed down towards the end of the route. The hills were very welcoming tonight. Tomorrow the plan will be to keep a slower pace with good form.

Link to Route: Out and Back
Distance: 3.4 Miles
Elevation Gain: 350 Feet
Elevation Loss: 350 Feet

Footpod Pace: Minutes/Mile
MAX: 6:18
AVG: 7:15

1 comment:

Jason The Running Man said...

strong run can't wait to be able to run that kind of pace!

  Sunday run in the rain.