Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday is for Easy Runs

Day 2 of my new training goal of warming up, running strong, cooling down, stretching and repeating is looking good. I'm actually pumped about getting back on the trail. I'm still using the new route application by Google/Sanoodi. Have a look:

My run felt good. I have been taking my run through a neighborhood before hitting the trail in the woods. I just found out the route loses almost 380 feet which isn't such a bad thing if I didn't need to run back up what was lost.

Good run. Will keep this up until I get bored and need a new route. Right now, the deer, rabbits, and babbling brook are quite attractive.

Route: Out and Back with a Twist
Distance: 3.8 Miles
Elevation Gain: 378 Feet
Elevation Loss: 378 Feet

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  Sunday run in the rain.