Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wed: Easy Run

Still keeping up with my runs. My form is getting better on the uphills and I am starting to control my downhill stride to make sure I keep my form and strength throughout. I have noticed there is a lot of pounding involved on those downhills so the control factor is probably a good thing!

Today's run was pretty standard issue. I did my 3.4 mile out and back route and felt good throughout the entire run. However, at the end of the run I noticed a pain in my chest which I would have normally shrugged off, but it didn't leave for about 30 minutes after my run. That was a little startlesome but once it passed, it was forgotten. I will probably take off tomorrow just to give my self a break... plus it is our 3 year anniversary so I am excited about having a huge meal and some wine with Jordan.

Link to Route: Out and Back
Distance: 3.4 Miles
Elevation Gain: 350 Feet
Elevation Loss: 350 Feet

Footpod Pace: Minutes/Mile
MAX: 6:28
AVG: 7:35

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  Sunday run in the rain.