Friday, August 31, 2007


These past few weeks I have been running with relative consistency. Because of that, I am seeing the same faces of runners who, like myself, are braving the elements to get in their weekly miles. I've been asked: "Why do you run so much?", "How many miles do you run?", "What is your training pace?", "What is your 5k time?", and my recent favorite... "What supplements are you on?"

My answers?

I run so much because I love running. My mileage changes from week to week based on how I feel. My training pace is as fast or slow as I want to go and my 5k time is faster than my last race. What supplements am I on? A pair of size 10.5 Asics Gel-Landreths 3-6 hours per week. What are you on?

No matter who you are, as long as you are training you can bet that we have something in common. Suffering. No, we might not all know what it feels like to cross over the threshold between dehydration and death, but we do know what it feels like to push through a cramp. We are all equal no matter what our motives are for running and racing. It is all relative and therefore it is all the same.

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  Sunday run in the rain.