Sunday, September 30, 2007

The next run plan

So, I've been torn which direction to take my training. I have had some fun running short distances and the 5k to 10k races are all over the place. The 1/2 and full marathon are still extremely appealing, but I think I will opt to the 10k distance to focus on through the fall and winter months here in Atlanta as I continue to acclimate to the hills.

Next April I may begin training for the Marathon again, but until then I will be training more for the short course and speed than long and well... slower.

Week 1 Training Plan - 10/1-10/7


Ingrid said...

I just found your site while looking through a lot of non interesting or non personal blogs on training for a 5K. Finally! I'll be sure to check it out further tomorrow as now I am on bath to shower duty. My four year old is not wanting to come out..
Nice site you have, I'll be sure to check out the vlogs tomorrow as well,

Anonymous said...

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  Sunday run in the rain.