Saturday, November 24, 2007

2008 Goals - Start in December

This Saturday past as just another weekend long run traded for a few extra hours sleep. This has become an epidemic and running is something of a second thought than second nature. So, I'm dedicated to turning this lack of motivation into revamping my blog into something that I can use next year for tracking my training, racing, and keeping up with friends along the way.

A few of the upcoming changes will be a video phone for me to speak with my friends and family, as well as an online Instant Messanger widget for real time chat with anyone on my site. I hope to gather and share new tips on running, racing, motivation, and good health.

I must get back into running and if it means sitting in front of my computer for hours until a small spark of motivation outshines my monitor... I'm in...

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  Sunday run in the rain.