Thursday, November 8, 2007

For Sale: My H3 Race Wheels!!!

Tri Geeks and Time Trial Enthusiasts, this is the sale you have been waiting for! Get ahead of your competition in 2008 with these H3 Race Wheels from HED. These wheels have been a dream on my Quintana Roo Tri-Bike, but I recently sold the bike and now have these FAST wheels waiting to find a new home. The picture of the Wheels below are with the Orange and Yellow Stickers. You can remove these and replace with the all white decals or go straight carbon.

The pictures below are of the actual wheels and tires however I took them with my webcam and they are a bit grainy. I also included a picture of brand NEW HED 3 Wheels. The wheels you are going to buy are identical to the ones pictured and in Excellent Structural and Cosmetic condition. There is a bonus shot of Team Discovery with this wheel set, however they use the 700c.

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