Friday, December 7, 2007

Reminder: Running should be an Addiction in Moderation

If you wake up, lace up your shoe, leave the house in 30 degree weather and run for an hour, you have issues. These aren't issues like those you see on Intervention, but everything is relative. I speak from experience and I can say I am one of the lucky ones who still can't wait to get up in the blistering cold or driving rain to get in a nice run.

There is little more that makes me feel as good as that thing that keeps calling my name. The run. I don't care about the distance. I don't care about the speed. I want to run, so I do. You could say I was addicted to running and I would say you were right. However, I do keep a training log (kind of) so I moderate this addiction by logging my runs and sticking to a somewhat sophisticated running plan.

Running: Addiction in Moderation

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  Sunday run in the rain.