Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Reminder: Running Sometimes Means Improvising

Tonight I got home from work and needed to walk the dog. He hadn't been out on a good long walk for a while so I threw on some jeans and my old Houston 1/2 marathon sweat shirt and headed out to the pond.

After one slow loop around the water I could tell Cooper (the dog) was looking for a little more action. So we picked up the pace and soon I was running in full stride around the pond in my jeans. It felt very strange, but the dog was into it so I said what the hell.

After two good hard loops I decided to run back upstairs to throw on some running shorts and a reflective warm top to put another 30 minutes on the road. It just made sense to make the dog walk into an impromptu training session. We both had fun and I got a good hill workout too!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Nice post. You've always got an interesting perspective on what would otherwise be another running blog.

Crumbs said...

They say animals can sense impending changes in weather - perhaps they, too, can sense the storms that brew within man and your dog knew you needed to release it.

  Sunday run in the rain.