Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Reminder: Wear an HRM w/ Pace

One of my best purchases in recent years has been my Polar Heart Rate Monitor with the Footpod. I have ran in the rain, mud, heat, and sometimes streams with the footpod strapped to my laces and have yet to see a problem with the results.

I started this pace/distance tracking passion with a Garmin. About 2 years ago Jordan gave me one for my birthday and I found myself running in the middle of the night around our 3 mile track trying to see how many miles I could log. Bad idea. So, I put together a running plan that included the function of the Garmin and had a good time running sprints and long distances while using the aid of satellites to track my workouts. However, when I started running in more diverse locations in Houston including the woods, it got harder and harder to rely on those satellites to keep up with me.

So, I got the Polar HRM with footpod and haven't put he Garmin on since. Sorry, Jordan. Don't Get a Garmin. Get a Polar.


Anonymous said...

I have a garmin and have had trouble using it downtown. Have you ever seen this when you used the garmin?

- jack

Cord Courrege said...

Hey, Jack. The Garmin has always been tough for me to trust in downtown areas with tall buildings because of the blockage.

Try a polar. It will take the guess work out of a lot of your training. Plus you won't be thinking "is my watch picking this great run up or not"

cord courrege

  Sunday run in the rain.