Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolution: Winning Isn't Everything

Winning isn't everything, but don't tell that to a runner. Winning for us (runners) is a way of life. It is simply a lifestyle that we are committed to living through preparation, execution, and recovery. This commitment to success is often translated into our every day lives which takes winning to another level.

Winning IS everything when you take the time to apply the term to the big AND little things you do each day. Coming off an injury and getting off the couch to train? That's a win. Quitting smoking? A HUGE win. Taking 1st place at the Boston Marathon? Nothing short of an amazing win.

However, if you don't happen to have the insane speed of Robert Cheruiyot or Lidiya Grigoryeva, don't worry, winning is still in you. Remember, you're a runner and every time you lace up and hit the road for a quick run, you've won. Any time you step up to a challenge in your every day life using the confidence you've gained from that time you suffered through a 4 hour run up hill in the heat, you have won.

So, as we line up on the starting line of 2008 and you start feeling sorry for yourself because you have flat feet, short legs, too much weight, or any other excuse you can think up to justify not running, don't forget one important fact. No matter what pace you keep... you're a runner. Be a winner.

Run Summary
Route: Big Rock to Bench
Distance: 4.14 Miles
Pace: 7:38/mile

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Anonymous said...

Do you have some suggestions for a new runner who wants to keep track of her workouts?

Thanks. I really like your site!

- susan

  Sunday run in the rain.