Monday, January 28, 2008

Back in form on the Treadmill

Run Summary
Route: Treadmill
Distance: 4 Miles
Pace: 7:45/mile
AVG HR: 145bpm

I took my run to the treadmill today. I have been feeling a little tight in my left hamstring so I thought the treadmill would be a good place to get it warmed up without too much lateral movement that might pull it even more.

The run went well. I was able to keep my HR around 140 for about 30 minutes. The leg felt a little tight before and during the first 10 minutes of the run but felt much better after about 20 minutes at pace. After the run I took some time to lightly stretch for about 5 minutes.

Will keep stretching for the next couple of weeks to make sure nothing gets worse.

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