Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Running for Clarity

Once again I took my run to the Treadmill. The past few weeks it has been hard to see through the fog that has been thickening due to an increase in activity on the work front. Seeking clarity through a bottle, or pill, or any other means has never been of interest to me. Instead, I like self medicate with a nice hard run.

Tonight, I got home and went up to the gym. It was empty and some basketball game was on. I turned up the volume on the TV so I couldn't hear the inconsistent hum of the treadmill. My run started out slow and picked up to a nice easy pace. Nothing too hard or fast, just a good rhythm that kept my heart rate at about 145 per minute.

Overall, my pace per mile was 7:45 and the HR monitor kept me from running a sub 6:00 mile. These are some of the most important times to make sure you don't let the outside stimuli set your pace. I could have easily turned it up a few notches but the risk of injury does not outweigh the short term enjoyment you get from running fast. Real fast.

I'll save it for the Freedom 5k.

Run Summary
Route: Treadmill
Distance: 4 Miles
Pace: 7:45/mile
AVG HR: 140bpm

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