Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shocker: 5:30am Run in Chicago

This morning my wake-up call buzzed me at 5:00am. I sat in bed and contemplated going back to sleep, but that would mean either setting another wake-up call with the front desk, or figuring out how to use the alarm clock on the side of the hotel bed. After some deep thought I decided to pull myself together, head down to the fitness center, and get in a run.

I put in another 35 minutes which got me thinking about the many excuses why I haven't been able to do the same thing at home. My conclusion, it is easier to put off doing something when it is in your backyard. When you are in a strange place with not much to do besides hang out in doors... it make the decision process a little easier.

Waking up early and getting a run in feels freakin' great and always seems to open my mind for the rest of the day. I am less irritable, think more clearly, and can conceptualize more scenarios to be successful at work instead of being close minded or limited to my traditional SOPs.

So, the next time I tell myself it is too early to get up and run, I can use this trip as a reminder that its never too early or difficult to pull yourself out of bed (or off the couch) and head out for a run.

Run Summary
Route: Hotel Treadmill
Time: 35 Minutes
Distance: 4.5 Miles
Pace: 7:45/mile

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