Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Medium Long Run

I woke up this morning after have a little wine and cheese with dinner. My mind was cloudy and my body felt nothing short of sluggish. I have been on a red wine kick lately so having a couple of glasses is not an abnormal thing. Plus, I have been putting most of my efforts towards work this week so the wine was well received. The feeling the next morning... was not.

Knowing I was only going to put an hour on the run I decided to wait until the sun came up and I had a nice glass of Accelerade. I was able to put together a relatively enjoyable run of about 7.6 miles within that hour. I am happy to be getting back into some sort of routine and this Medium Long Run was just what I needed.

Run Summary
Distance: 7.6 Miles
Route: 30 Minutes out and back from Big Rock
Duration: 60 minutes
Pace: 7:50/mile

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  Sunday run in the rain.