Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Training = Random Results

The picture to the right is a line graph representing the training peaks and valleys that I have gone through so far this year. I am not a high mileage per week runner. I never have been. I want to be, but I just have not been able to keep things consistent enough to record high mileage months, month after month, for any given time.

I equate this random training to my interest in running hard. My training has been aggressive but not necessarily smart. Each year I probably average around 500 miles, which is low in comparison to what my goals are as a runner. I seem to be able to put together some good times at the races but my recovery time is probably twice as long as someone who would be properly conditioned.

Once again, I see the importance of putting together consistent runs each week. The training runs I have been logging have little to do with speed, and more with conditioning my body to deal with longer efforts out on the road. I am learning to take a more educated approach to my running now. I hope this will mean more miles, better racing, and more enjoyment out on the road.

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  Sunday run in the rain.