Friday, March 14, 2008

Rest Day: The voices in your muscles (and head)

I have wrapped up my first week of training another Technical Recruiter at work which means the past 5 days have been at least 12 hours long and my run training has suffered. Not a big deal. I am looking forward to a nice easy run tomorrow to get me back into form and will avoid the long run originally planned because I am a bit exhausted even though I have not laced up my run shoes for 4 days.

About 1 year ago I would have freaked out in this situation. However, I have learned to listen and respond to what my body is telling me. Sounds strange, I know, but if you pay attention to the way you feel (mentally and physically) the trends that are created can be a guide to let you know when to back off training or pick up the pace.

I have been through so many hardcore training weeks at work that I have been able to spot trends in when my run training begins to suffer. I can now take proactive measures to avoid total burn-out both at work and play and my run form and mental sanity are both better for it.

You don't need a coach or doctor to tell you when to take it easy. Instead, listen to what your body and mind are telling you and self medicate with what will make you feel best without being completely sedentary. That could mean an ice bath after a tough workout, or an easy treadmill workout in place of your hill training day. It is up to you to listen and learn how to respond to the voices in your muscles (and head).

However, if you've fallen and can't get up... dial 911 for assistance.

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