Monday, April 7, 2008

Get Loose. Stretch.

Today I picked up another 45 minute run on the treadmill. The weather in Atlanta is nothing but unpredictable. It is still a bit cool and last night after work I could not tell if I was going to get caught in a down pour so I decided not to take the chance and put in a few miles indoors.

My cross training the other day has left me sore. No real surprise that my upper body and lower body have begun to tighten up from the madness on Sunday. I have not had that kind of workout in a long time. However, I do feel like it did some good, so I am destined to go through it again. Maybe next Sunday. Not any time sooner.

There is something about feeling sore like this. It is a reminder that working out and working hard are two different things. I have been working out for a long time, but I have not really been working hard. Putting together 1 or 2 weight training days or even cross training days will be a good way to take me to the next level of working hard.

I plan on adding sprint and hill training in the coming weeks. That will be smart hard work. Or at least it should be. I will let the sore legs and upper body get a bit loose before I start putting together sub 6 minute miles or hill repeats. That too would be smart.

One more thing that has been lingering on my mind is triathlon. I am feeling the itch to convert my road bike to triathlon or to just get on the thing and start banging out a few hundred miles. There is a big temptation to do that right now. What does that say about my goal to qualify for Boston this year? Well, I think I can supplement some of my run training with cycling and swimming. That might help keep the injuries down as I increase my mileage. Oh well, it is just an itch at this point.

Run Summary
Route: Treadmill
Distance: 5.8 Miles
Time: 45 Minutes
Pace: 7:45/mile.

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  Sunday run in the rain.