Sunday, May 4, 2008

How to Cross Train as a Runner: Ride a Bike

As runners, it is easy to get in a groove of lacing up the shoes day in and day out, giving little thought to any other sort of training. Triathletes on the other hand cross train on a daily basis. One day we hit the pool and the next we are on the bike. Brick workouts take it to another level, combining multiple sports into one intense training session.

The great thing about mixing up your training with another sport is that it helps limit injury and gives your body a chance to keep the heart rate up while working new muscle groups. If you don't do it now, you should think about adding a cycling workout or even a swim to your daily routine. You will come back refreshed and ready to conquer that next training run.

Today's Workout
Today I took out the bike and spun my legs for about one hour. My running consistency has been erratic so instead of adding another run in the middle of my schedule, the bike workout is a perfect supplement to my routine. The ride was easy with some rolling hills. Tomorrow I will be back in the running shoes.

My Cross Training Summary
Location: Greenway
Distance: 16 Miles

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Running in the rain? Keep these three tips in mind

Today it rained. On days like these I will usually take my run to the treadmill. However, today was different. It has started to get warmer in Atlanta so the showers felt cool and they helped keep the pollen count to a minimum.

When running in the rain, there are many variables to think about. Here are three important items that could mean the difference between a good run, and a sprained ankle (or worse).

1) Never run with lightening
This one is obvious. Hopefully. If not, lightening kills. Stay clear.

2) Avoid puddles when possible.
Stomping through standing water is fun but that puddle could be deeper than you think and a spraining an ankle is not much fun at all.

3) Slow down your pace.
When running in the rain you don't feel as hot which might tempt you to run hard. Don't. You drive more cautiously during a down pour. It good to use the same judgement when running in the rain.

Run Summary
Route: Big Rock to 4 Mile Marker
Distance: 5.3 Miles
Time: 42:40
Pace: 8:02/Mile (Slow in the rain)

Friday, May 2, 2008

What do runners do on vacation?

I recently took some time off from work and spent that free time doing what any dedicated runner would do. I ran. I also kept the vacation theme alive and brought my new camera along with me. So, instead of carrying it along the trail run, I opted to head indoors for a treadmill run.

The video footage is riveting. Really. See for yourself.

  Sunday run in the rain.