Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally. A Saturday Run.

I pulled myself out of bed today. It was even more difficult to get out of bed today because the final time trial stage the Tour de France was on TV. By the time I got out the door it was almost 10am and the outside temperature was starting in get HOT.

The run was tougher than I thought it would be. Lack of sleep and cold Coors Light seem to be a bad combination for putting in a solid run. Today's pace was meant to be EZ but I didn't have any control over going slow. It just happened.

I put in a 5 minute warm up and warm down with 5 - 7 Minute repeats at about 7:30 pace. The heat was getting to me and I could feel a bonk on the way so I took a few 20-30 second rest periods between efforts.

Good run overall. My knee did not bother me at all. Got some sretching in before I showered up and ate 4 eggs and a bagel. Long run tomorrow?

Route: Perimeter Center Run
Distance: 5+ Miles
Time: who's counting?

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