Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fighting Foot Pain

I made it out for my 8 mile run today, not giving much thought to the previous issues I had with the pain in the arch of my foot. There was no pain for the past 48 hours so I figured I could get in a nice easy 8 without doing any damage.

The run felt good but I did not expect to see so many hills. There were many hills and they were steep and rolling. This might be one of the issues of my arches feeling pain. The incline of each hill has me running a little further up on the ball of my foot. I watch for this during my next long run.

Overall, I had a good run. I was able to get through the route without feeling any pain. I stopped for water at Publix. I will plan to bring fluids next time because that was a slight nightmare waiting in line, dripping with sweat, while other were waiting to buy eggs, paper towels, and bags of chips.

Route: Perimeter Center Run
Distance: 8 Miles
Pace: 7:53/mile

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