Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Night Run with the Olympics

I skipped my run on Saturday due to time constraints and overall fatigue from the previous nights escapades. Guitar hero has been keeping us up WAY to late. So, after blowing off another Saturday run I figured I had to fit in my Sunday run no matter what.

I found myself on the treadmill at 10:15pm Sunday night fighting the urge to go to bed. The run was great. I got to watch a lot of the Olympics include Phelps and our other US swimmers. Running on a treadmill for 6 miles is boring, but the Olympic Games made for a nice distraction.

I have a rest day tomorrow and then my goal for the week will be to hammer through all my workouts... including Saturday.

Location: Treadmill
Distance: 6 Miles
Pace: 7:50/mile

  Sunday run in the rain.