Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Running in Traffic

Sometimes I run in traffic and Atlanta has some serious traffic. After moving from Alpharetta, GA to the Perimeter area just N. East of the King and Queen buildings I realized just how crazy the bumper to bumper action actually was.

As runners it is important to get outside and run as much as possible. Real world training prepares you for real world racing. Train in the heat. Train in the cold. Train in the rain. Train on hills. Train on downhills. Train on grass. Train on... well, you get it. However, out of all the circumstances you should train in, traffic is probably not one of them.

Last night I got home from work about 7pm and went out for a 5 mile run. My pace was good and I negative split my out-and-back route, but the traffic added a new obstacle, literally, to my run.

I normally try to get out in the morning, but fatigue, soreness, and the need for sleep forced my run to the afternoon. Well, it was mid 80's so I decided to take it to the streets. This turned out to be a good and bad idea. Good because it was hilly, challenging and satisfying. Bad because I was constantly watching cars blow past me thinking I was going to get flattened. Flattened is not good.

I will be taking it to the streets again on Saturday but this time it will be at 6am. No traffic at 6am.

Location: Perimeter Center Run
Distance: 5.1 Miles
Pace: 7:45/mile

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