Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brick Workout - Swim and Run

Repeating the same workout from one day to the next can get a little boring, that is unless the workout is a brick. I love brick workouts. They keep things interesting when you are looking for an additional challenge to add to your otherwise overloaded training plan!

Today I hopped in the pool for another quick 900yds. These 900yd efforts have been a great way to get loose before heading out to pound the pavement. The swim felt good and the first 200yds were easier than they had been the last two times I was in the water.

After the swim I hit the road for a 3.5 mile loop. The weather was in the upper 40s with a windchill somewhere in the 30s so it was a bit colder than yesterday's run. Luckily I had planned ahead and was warm enough to complete the route without frost bite.

I plan on doing more of these swim/run bricks on the weekends. They are less taxing on the body than Bike/Run bricks (although I will work those into my training as well). I am just finding new enjoyment in the pool and hope to keep it up!

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  Sunday run in the rain.