Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going from the swim to run: "Splash and Dash"

As with most triathlons, the swim is usually followed by the bike and then a run. However, I have been in a few Biathlons and Duathlons where the swim is immediately followed by a fast painful run. If you have never tried giving a good hard run effort after a swim... you should.

These brick workouts are a great way to mix up the training when things get a little stale. Plus, unlike Bike/Run bricks, the Swim/Run brick has less negative impact on your legs. Instead, this little gem gives your lungs the nice taxing workout they are craving!!!

Today's Splash and Dash Brick felt good. I was able to get in the pool without waiting for a lane. I banged out 900yds which is not far, but I am still ramping up the distance in the pool and trying to keep my shoulders intact. After the pool came the run. I was happy to find that the run was actually quite warm. The hills were a little brutal but my legs were ready for them.

Here is how the Splash and Dash looked on paper:

Swim/Run Brick
Pool: 900yds
Run: 3.5 miles

If you are a member of LA Fitness at Perimeter Point in Atlanta, GA you can do the exact workout I did today by hitting the pool and then running the route below.
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