Friday, November 28, 2008

Swimming with sharks

I've never swam with sharks, and I don't plan on doing it any time soon. Today, however, was a unique situation at the pool and it is how I imagine swimming with sharks would be.

I was in the center lane of a three lane pool. The center lane is a single swimmer lane, and the two outer lanes are reserved for 2 swimmers when needed. Today was one of those days. Each lane was taken and other swimmers were beginning to queue up along the side of the pool just waiting for the next swimmer to show signs of fatigue so they could hop in for the kill before one of the other circling swimmers decided to take the bite.

The activity in the water was similar, each swimmer keeping an eye on my coveted lane. I was safe, inside the shark cage, while the rest of my fellow school of fish were left out in the outer lanes where they could be picked off... and the weakest swimmers were the first to go. I stayed strong, finished my swim, then let my fellow swimmers battle it out for the caged lane where it was safe.

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