Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Write a training plan... Be a Multisport Coach...

I have taken to the pool about 4 times over the past week. Its a nice change of pace from the road and its rekindled my interest in multisport training and racing. So, as this post continues on, feel free to offer insight or advice... any and all responses are welcome.

I guess the interest to be a multisport athlete has always been there, but since our move to Atlanta, I have been slowly moving further and further away from swim sprints, long bike rides, and brick workouts. That interest has now heightened to the point that writing training programs and taking unique approaches to the sport are all I can think about, which leads me to my next thought. Coaching multisport athletes.

This is a topic I have been toying with for some time but only recently have I given it serious consideration. Over the past few years I have given guidance to many new runners and triathletes, not as a coach, but as someone interested in all facets of the sport and training. I was no expert then, nor am I now, but I've trained with so many diverse athletes and have, by some stroke of luck, had some small successes of my own in training and racing that now, the "coaching" equation is starting to come together.

This past year has been good because I've directly and indirectly helped to motivate new runners from the couch to the 5k and beyond. It is here that I have received the most positive responses from runners to drop my day job and start coaching. Well, I don't know about all that... but it has given me some good ideas that I think I can share with those of us in the working community with little time to train.

So, over the next couple of months I am going to be working closely with coaches across the country in various forums to see if this is really something I could wholeheartedly pursue, while remaining diligent in my current occupation.

Any advice or thoughts on this subject are more than welcome!

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