Tuesday, January 6, 2009

101 Healthy Things To Do in 2009

We are a few days into the New Year and I've already read a myriad of recent blogs related to 101 things to do in 2009. They all have the traditional: lose weight, stop smoking, quit eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner items but none of them are 100% based on things that are simply fit and healthy. Sure, reading a Charles Dickens novel has it's place among 2009 goals, but will that get you through your next marathon or century bike ride?

So, hoping to fill an obvious void, I decided to throw together a quick list of cool things to do in 2009 if you are a swimmer, cyclist, or runner. Most items on this list are those that can be done more than once throughout the year so feel free to try it out and repeat as needed. Your body will thank you!!! Enjoy

101 Fit and Healthy Things to do in 2009
01) Run a 5k
02) Run a 10k
03) Run a 1/2 Marathon
04) Run a Marathon
05) Run a Sprint Triathlon
06) Run an Olympic Distance Triathlon
07) Run a 1/2 Ironman
08) Participate in a group training run
09) Swim at least 1 mile non-stop
10) Join a local running club
11) Join a local triathlon club
12) Ride your bike 100 miles in one day
13) Take a yoga class
14) Take a spin class
15) See a nutritionist
16) Consult a training coach
17) Get your body fat tested
18) Get a stress test done
19) Get a physical
20) Subscribe to a running or health magazine
21) Swim an open water swim
22) Ride your bike to work
23) Workout at lunch, eat lunch at your desk
24) Run a trail race in the woods
25) Encourage a "non runner" to run a 5k
26) Tell your coworkers that you're a runner
27) Tell a stranger that you're a runner
28) Buy a race photo from your next event
29) Get fit by a professional on your bike
30) Buy and/or use a heart rate monitor
31) Map your favorite run to share with others
32) Invite a neighbor to go for a walk or run
33) Keep a training diary
34) Run a race for time
35) Run a race for fun
36) Keep current training goal by your bed
37) Stretch after every workout
38) Read an inspirational workout quote once a week
39) Come up with your own inspirational workout quote
40) Go to the Dr. at the first sign of a chest cold
41) Drink more water
42) Detox for at least a week
43) Stop drinking coffee for a week and switch with tea
44) Eat breakfast every day for at least a week
45) Achieve a healthy level of body fat percentage
46) Find a running partner in another state to email regularly
47) Run with a dog
48) Run with your significant other
49) Read a book on running
50) Clear your sinus with a Netti Pot
51) Run in the morning before work
52) Go for a night run (with lights and reflective gear!)
53) Ride a bike to a lunch destination with friends
54) Ride your bike for charity
55) Participate in a charity race/fun run
56) Run a race or ride in a state other than where you live
57) Make your own home made smoothies for a week
58) Buy your next pair of running shoes from a specialty store
59) Learn to patch a flat on your bike the right way
60) Help a fellow rider fix a flat tire on his/her bike
61) Wear sunscreen year round
62) Set a personal record on your favorite training run
63) Set a personal record at your favorite race
64) Pay for a friends race registration to get them started
65) Bake your own energy bars
66) Eat 2-3 servings of fish for at least one week per month
67) Learn what portion control means for you
68) Get 30 minutes a day of activity when not working out
69) Control your sodium intake. Know what you need.
70) Increase your antioxidant rich foods
71) Floss your teeth to fight off bacteria
72) Strength train at least 10 minutes per day
73) Wipe down your exercise equipment at the gym after use
74) Set realistic weight loss (or gain) goals
75) Donate your old running shoes to charity
76) Know when to change your old running shoes out for new ones
77) Take an ice bath after your long runs
78) Shave your legs before any distance triathlon
79) Share a swim lane with a weaker swimmer than you
80) Share a swim lane with a stronger swimmer than you
81) Swim, Bike, and Run in morning at the gym
82) Swim 1 mile before a 1 hour spin class
83) Run 3 miles after a 1 hour spin class
84) Cut your toe nails before long runs
85) Run at conversational pace with friends and talk
86) Run without a stop watch at least once a week
87) Run without an HR monitor at least once a week
88) Run with your favorite music
89) Run without music and listen to yourself breath
90) Practice breathing from both sides during the swim
91) Tape up your workout schedule in your office
92) Volunteer at a local fun run/race
93) Look both ways before crossing the street
94) Cross train
95) Count your calories not your carbs
96) Get more sleep
97) Regulate your alcohol intake
98) Quit smoking if you are a smoker!
99) Motivate yourself to stay healthy!
100) Believe in yourself to stay healty!
101) Blog about your healthy lifestyle

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