Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to finish your run STRONG

One of the best feelings I've had as a runner is finishing a training run or race with power. I've also felt the "Runner's High" at times, but I believe that feeling to be when you are fresh at mile 10 and can put in another 10 miles with ease. The "Runner's High" is more elusive and mysterious because it just shows up, but finishing strong is strategic and calculated and can show up at will. That is what makes "finishing strong" so cool. It is up to you and your body to determine when, how hard, and how long you will suffer.

Here are a couple of brief steps to keep in mind when planning on finishing your race strong.

1) Tell yourself you are going to run like hell for the last 400 meters
2) Tell yourself again, because you might not have heard yourself correctly
3) Put together a race plan that includes a goal finish time
4) Run the first half of the race at about 5 seconds slower than mile pace
5) Run second half of the race at about 5 seconds faster than goal mile pace
6) Pick a distance you would like to start your kick from 100-400 meters is good
7) Run like hell
8) Tell yourself 1/2 way into your kick that you will not quit
9) Run like hell and finish with pride

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