Monday, March 23, 2009

Training again. Again.

I am getting back into a few good habits which include swimming and running. Still no activity on the bike but I have a feeling it is not long before I get back into that as well.

The trick is to take things slowly so you don't burn out after the first week. That is pretty tough for me to do but after being injured last season from poor training habits I've decided to take my own advice.

Workout Summary
Swim: 1000 yds straight
Bike: 0
Run: 3 miles
Gym: Core (push-ups, crunches)
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grenade in mouth said...

I was doing some research for my own blog and stumbled across yours. Funny, looks like you started blogging for the same reason I did, to document the quest for a Boston Qualifier. I would like to run my 3rd NY Marathon in Nov 2010 in under 3 hours, 10 min, 59 sec. Did you complete your effort to qualify? Feel free to email me at .

  Sunday run in the rain.