Friday, July 31, 2009

Online Training Logs - Which One Should I Use?

So today I am scouring the web and looking for feedback from YOU on Online Training Logs that will have the most "bang for the buck", or those that are completely free and have a huge variety of features. Here are a few that I have seen and liked the most

1) Beginner Triathlete (free or pay)
2) Buckeye Outdoor (free)
3) Active Trainer (free)

Now as far as functionality, I'm looking for a few things. Graphs are important because I like to visualize my training, plus graphs are just cool. In addition, I'm thinking the option to post workouts to twitter is kind of cool too.

Public access is also good so I can have someone check out my progress without having to log into my account. Options for swimming, cycling, and running is also a must. If there is one out there that can break up multiple workouts into Tempo Runs, Long Runs, Intervals, etc... that would be good to.

The ability to embed workouts, graphs, etc... into your blog is also of importance so you can spread the word on how bad ass you are.

If anyone knows of good sites out there that are not listed above, or if you are using the sites listed above and you like them or hate them ... I want to know!

Send me a message by using the contact info at the top of this blog!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally... A Morning Run then Double Espresso!

My morning runs have been pretty much non-existent these days, not to mention my daily runs. However, this morning I pulled myself from the clutches of the bed, laced up my shoes, and head out at 5:30am for a pretty good run.

I had forgotten how dark it is here in Atlanta. There aren't too many street lights and even fewer cars so the darkness is near black with shadows cast from the moonlight if you're lucky enough to have a clear sky.

This morning was relatively clear, with a good moon overhead so I could see enough to make my way down the deserted streets.

My day has been amazing since that run. It started off with a great double espresso and egg sandwich. Plus, my energy level has been off the charts (and it is usually pretty HIGH).

I'm sure my coworkers wish I wouldn't take to the streets again tomorrow morning, but I don't think I can help myself!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour de France Cyclists who Twitter

This is a growing list of Tour de France cyclists, teams, and commentators who twitter. I'm following them as they make their way through the Tour and it's been pretty entertaining so far.

If you're just interested in following a couple of them, I would suggest the American riders. They all seem to be active with their Tweets and they usually send pictures from team meetings, meals, and other escapades they go through throughout the week before and after each stage.

Let me know if you have any others I can add to this list!

Craig Hummer
Bob Roll
Phil Liggett
Paul Sherwen

Teams and Cyclist Tweets

Cervelo Test Team - Cervelo Test Team
Carlos Sastre
Brett Lancaster

Cadel Evans
Charles Wegelius

Astana - Astana
Johan Bruyneel
Viatcheslav Ekimov
Lance Armstrong
Levi Leipheimer

Team Saxo Bank
Andy Schleck
Kurt-Asle Arvesen

Rabobank - Rabobank
Laurens ten Dam

Garmin - Slipstream - Garmin - Slipstream
Jonathan Vaughters
Christian Vande Velde
Danny Pate
Bradley Wiggins
David Zabriskie

Team Columbia - HTC - Team Columbia - HTC
George Hincapie
Mark Renshaw
Michael Rogers

Team Quick Step - Quick Step
Steven De Jongh

Team Skil-Shimano
Fumiyuki Beppu
Koen de Kort
Piet Rooijakkers

Other Teams
AG2R La Mondiale
Fran├žaise Des Jeux
Caisse d'Epargne
Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne
Lampre - N.G.C.
BBox Bouygues Telecom
Euskaltel - Euskadi
Team Katusha
Team Milram

Thanks to @dannyhsu for starting this list.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rest Day = More Tour de France Time!

I had a run planned for today but our weekend in Destin, FL ended up taking more out of me than I thought. I had two great runs by the coast, so thankfully my fatigue is not all party induced. However, there were some late nights that took their toll on my early morning runs.

So, today I'm calling an audible and taking a rest day. Yes, I'll get up early in the morning and get some sort of run in at the break of dawn in the pitch black morning. Until then, I plan on getting some serious Tour de France time in!

Friday, July 3, 2009

3 Mile Easy Run in Sandestin with Route Map

Today in Destin we woke up to beautiful weather. Last night's storm passed through and we were happy to see not one single cloud in the sky. I woke up at 6am thinking I would get in my run but my friend said he wanted to come along for the run so I hit snooze and we ended up heading out at 8am for what turned out to be a nice 3 mile out and back run.

Our pace was a comfortable one, and true to form, I ended up talking all the way through the run which can be a bit annoying to someone who is running and can't reply because they are sucking wind. Our run wasn't hard enough to destroy either one of us so the conversation was not entirely one sided.

Tomorrow it looks like I will be heading out on my morning run on my own. Will probably get a 10k run in, in honor of the Peachtree 10k that I will be missing for the second year in a row. I think I will try to make it next year, especially if it happens to be the last year we are in Atlanta.

View Interactive Map on

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twitter Motivation for My Morning Run

Today I finally pulled myself out of bed and went for a run before work. It almost didn't happen. 5am and the alarm sounded, so of course I turned the alarm off and went back to bed.

Five minutes later I grabbed my iPhone and read a tweet from a really fast runner I recently met and that gave me the motivation I needed to pull myself up from the pillow and lace up the shoes. I guess it is true that motivation comes in many forms. I would have to say that this is the first time I've seen it come in the form of a twitter post.

  Sunday run in the rain.