Friday, July 31, 2009

Online Training Logs - Which One Should I Use?

So today I am scouring the web and looking for feedback from YOU on Online Training Logs that will have the most "bang for the buck", or those that are completely free and have a huge variety of features. Here are a few that I have seen and liked the most

1) Beginner Triathlete (free or pay)
2) Buckeye Outdoor (free)
3) Active Trainer (free)

Now as far as functionality, I'm looking for a few things. Graphs are important because I like to visualize my training, plus graphs are just cool. In addition, I'm thinking the option to post workouts to twitter is kind of cool too.

Public access is also good so I can have someone check out my progress without having to log into my account. Options for swimming, cycling, and running is also a must. If there is one out there that can break up multiple workouts into Tempo Runs, Long Runs, Intervals, etc... that would be good to.

The ability to embed workouts, graphs, etc... into your blog is also of importance so you can spread the word on how bad ass you are.

If anyone knows of good sites out there that are not listed above, or if you are using the sites listed above and you like them or hate them ... I want to know!

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Running Man said...

I like the Buckeye Outdoors but for graphs you can't beat Beginner Triathlete. Take a look at TweetaRun too.

Paul and Beth said...

I use there is a great running community there which motivates you to keep back and entering your workouts be it running, swimming or cycling. Check it out... it comes up with some nice data too - donuts burned, tv powered, gallons of gas saved.

Endurance Junkies said...

Logging your training and sharing it with friends is a great way to stay motivated! Check out our free online training logs. We can help you track your training, post your workouts to Facebook & Twitter and find other people with similar interests.We also have a widget that will work with your Blogger blog that will display your recent activities.

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