Monday, August 31, 2009

Run Training Post: Tempo Threshold Run

Today was one of the hardest days for me to get up and out of bed. I have a feeling that my Saturday night activities with friends took more out of me than I could tell as I recovered Sunday on the couch.

My alarm went off at 5:00am and I hit snooze. 9 minutes later it started blaring again and so I hit snooze. After another 9 minutes the madness started again and I turned the whole thing off and laid there until 5:30. I contemplated throwing the alarm clock across the room, but since I use my iPhone as my alarm, I decided against destroying my electronic portable telephone machine thingy.

I was searching for the motivation to get out of bed and nearly ditched my workout until realized if I didn't go at 5:30am, trying to get a treadmill after work to do my Tempo Threshold run would be nearly impossible. Plus the 20 minute limit they impose upon you on the Treadmill when the gym is packed totally messes with any good training you try to put in.

So after that 30 minute mental battle, I jumped out of bed and headed to the gym. The training run was great! I felt good as I warmed up and once I hit the tempo pace I honestly felt very comfortable. I ended up running at about 6:55 per mile for the 2.5 mile Tempo Threshold portion and thought I would be able to push it to 6:30/mile but I backed off and followed the training plan.

I am definitely starting to feel stronger as I come into my third week of focused, periodized run training. I plan on racing on 9/19 to get a gauge for where my pace is at in the 5k.

Between now and then I am going to come up with a goal time that I think I can hit. I think I would be happy with anything between 19:20 and 19:59.

Training Summary
Distance: 4.5 Miles
Time: 34:45
Pace: 7:43 (total set)
Tempo Threshold Pace: 2.5 miles @ 6:55/mile

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