Thursday, August 27, 2009

Run Training Post: Tempo Threshold

Great training run today at 5:00am. Did this one on the Treadmill. I have not made it to the high school track to do my speed work so the treadmill has been a good second option. Felt strong with good fast leg turnover. Had a little twinge in the back of my right leg that I will keep an eye on. Nothing too big now. Looking forward to my rest day though!

  • 1mi WU @8:30/mi
  • 1mi T @6:58/mi
  • 2.5mi E @8:00/mi with 3/400m @ 6:00/mi with 400m recovery
  • .5mi CD @8:30/mi

Run Summary
Distance: 6.5 Miles
Time: 50:29
Pace: 7:46/Mile

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  Sunday run in the rain.