Saturday, September 19, 2009

Race Summary: Roswell Rise 'n Run 5k 2009

Today's race was one of the harder 5k races that I have run. The terrain was asphalt as well as crushed granite trails. One of the terrain surprises that I didn't expect was the woods. Exposed tree roots coupled with torrential rains do not make a good combination under the racing flats!

Overall this was a technical course. There were a half dozen switch backs on the granite crushed trails as well as a few 180 turns around cones during the neighborhood run portion of the race. I tip toed through the woods trying not to break my neck on the slippery tree roots that had been washed out due to the downpour of rain.

This was my first race in my the age group 35-39. The top finisher in my age group crossed the line in just over 18:00 minutes. My time as a little slower than that at 21:49, but I was happy with the finish. I took 3rd place in my age group and 11th overall. One thing I will not forget about this race is that 2nd place in my age group finished 2 seconds ahead of me. I had no idea that runner was in my age group. To be honest, he could have been 50 years old. That won't happen again!

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Anonymous said...

Like you I found it an interesting track but enjoyable, despite the twists and turns and the rain! Where did you find the race results, are they posted on line anywehere?

  Sunday run in the rain.