Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Run Training Post: Building My Run Endurance

I made it out at 5:30 this morning with more enthusiasm because it is one of the first Tuesday's I've had a scheduled run. Today would turn out to be a good day to shake out the cobwebs from yesterday's Tempo Threshold run.

I had a great run overall. The first mile was a little sluggish but I think that was because I had just jumped out of bed and needed the warm up. My last mile was around 7:50 and that included a long uphill effort. I didn't push to hard and I am happy with the result. Tomorrow I have a 5 mile easy run on a similar route. I'm just as enthusiastic about that run as I was today!

Training Summary
Distance: 4.2 Miles
Duration: 33:12 Minutes
Pace: 7:57 per mile
AVG HR: 132 (Easy Run Pace)

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  Sunday run in the rain.