Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to make a come back after taking 1 month off

The past 5 weeks have been a mixture of pleasure and pain. The first two weeks I was under the weather, trying to kick a severe chest cold that had me bed ridden on the weekends and hacking a lung at work throughout the week. I then spent the next 2 weeks trying to fully recover before starting back into my workout routine. I am now rounding the 5th week and feel like a relapse is creeping back into my world. Not good.

My training had been solid for months prior to this set back. Now, I find myself wondering when and where to jump back into the workout routine. Do I start now, hoping that the itch in the back of my throat is just allergies, or do I wait it out and try to start back up in a week.

The big question is how far back does this set me back? I have heard that taking 1 week off you need 2 weeks to get back to where you were. If this is true I am about 9 weeks behind where I need to be, which sucks.

If anyone reads this and wants to share any ideas, feel free to send me a message by using my contact info at the top right of this blog. I could use some help!

  Sunday run in the rain.