Monday, January 4, 2010

Adding to New Year's Resolutions during the year is OK.

I am rarely if ever satisfied with plans, goals, etc. Why should my New Year's Resolution be so perfect that I wouldn't want to tweak it the 4th day in? I've already decided that running 1010 miles in 2010 is a pretty cool and doable goal. It will require me not to procrastinate on the training and to stay consistent. Great goal.

Well, I've got this other goal on my mind and I think I should add it on top of the 1010. Now, in addition to running 1010 in 2010, I will also attempt to race in 24 races before 1/1/2011. Obviously that averages out to 2 races per month, but I think of most of them as Fun Runs and others as Races, I think I can fit them into my 1010 in 2010 goal quite nicely.

Glad I thought of it. So now by midnight 12/31/2010 I will:
1) Run 1010 miles
2) Run in 24 organized races of any distance

2010 Goal Update
Mileage Goal: 1010 miles in 365 days
Year to date: 7.6 miles

Race Goal: 24 Races in 12 Months
Year to date: 0 Races

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