Monday, January 18, 2010

Breaking in my Netwon All Weather Trainers

I am slowly trying to break in my Newton All Weather Trainers so that I can add them to my training shoe rotation to help with running form, speed, etc...

Today I ran the first mile at 8:30 in the Newton All Weather Trainers. My turnover rate felt good maybe a little faster than normal.

I ran the next two miles at 6:58/mile in my regular trainers. This felt a little labored. My legs felt a little heavy. Probably from the increase in mileage from the previous week. My heart rate was pretty average at: 148-150, so I was happy about that.

The last mile was 8:30 per mile, again in my regular trainers. Felt good. Maybe a little effort to get the pace down because I felt like my legs just wanted to RUN! That is a good thing.

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