Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food Poisoning: To Run or Not To Run - I Ran

Last night I had what I would consider a light bought with food poisoning. I ate at 8:00pm was in bed by 11:00pm and puking by 2:00am. After some fluids and Pepto Bismol I was back asleep by 3:00am and ready for my run a few hours later.

Should I have ran or stayed in bed? I felt pretty good when I woke up but my stomach was still churning. I took in more fluids before heading out just for good measure.

The Ugly Truth
The first issue showed up after about the first mile. This is about the moment I thought staying in bed would have been a better idea. My lungs were burning which was new for me. My assumption was the hacking and coughing and acid from my stomach left my lungs a little raw. Disgusting thought, but sounds logical, and since I'm no doctor... I'll go with that.

The next issue was with the cramping in my stomach and in my legs. I think I was still dehydrated, even though I took in fluids. I also didn't replace any electrolytes which might have been a good idea. So, I could feel a leg cramp coming on after about 30 minutes of running. It wasn't really cramping, just twitching a bit like it wanted to seize up and leave me curled up in a ball on the sidewalk whimpering in pain.

The last issue came after I had time to start thinking about all the mounting problems that were falling like dominoes. The mental factor had me developing scenarios that not only included me hurling whatever was left in my stomach out onto the pavement in front of my fellow runners, but also hurling myself into traffic. Either way, not good.

So, I wrapped up my run earlier than expected, went home and started refueling with water, a smoothie, 4 eggs and a bagel. After that, I was good and thinking about heading up to the gym for a swim.

To make a long story short, running after food poisoning is probably not the best idea, but if you're going to do it... shorten your run, hydrate, and don't plan of feeling good.

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